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Digital content design 

Web based marketing collateral

Ioterop are an award winning provider of IoT (internet of things) device management solutions and I have been fortunate to work with their marketing director on a range of digital content products and campaign initiatives.


Originally, I was brought on board by Ecritech Media’s Steve Keeping to help refresh the design of a series of client case studies which involved reorganising text areas to help with readability and engagement as well as maximising the use of some great photography to enhance visual appeal.


I continued this approach when working on the next project which was a template for their monthly white papers. These were larger pieces of content which contained a lot of complex information which I used colour, pullout figures, diagrams, quotes, icons and eye catching imagery to break up the text help make it easier to digest. 


My work on both of these projects was so successful that I went on to create a design of their learning centre webpage and two of their digital products.

Project requirements

Page design and layout

Image manipulation

Infographic/diagram design

Webpage design/concept

Logo/branding design



Mackenzie Minch


Ecritech Media:

Steve Keeping


A business contact referred me to Chris for graphic layout support, and I’m very pleased that he did. Working with Chris is everything that I was hoping for. Chris is first of all skilled in layout and in many other areas of visual design. He is also responsible and responsive, and he withstood breaks in communication from my side. Importantly, Chris also has a good understanding of the global business picture, which is different from other designers that I’ve worked with who are singularly focused on the design of their deliverable. This makes it very easy to integrate him into his work into ongoing projects, and he doesn’t miss a beat.


I don’t know if our paths will cross again, but Chris is the first person that I will contact if I ever need external graphic or design help. I would recommend him without hesitation!

Mackenzie Minch, Marketing Director, IoTerop


I first worked with Chris some 20 years ago. His enthusiasm, talent and hard work left a mark on me then, so when I needed the help of a U.K.-based design expert for a new client, Chris was the first person I thought of. I introduced him to my client and from that point on he was the consummate professional. He gently guided the client through a trick design project while showing his creative talent and flair for solving tough design challenges with innovative solutions. If you need a skilled, highly experienced and tenacious design professional I highly recommend Chris. He will do a first class job. He is a pleasure to work with and I'm looking forward to our next collaboration.

Steve Keeping, Founder, Ecritech Media

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