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The STRAT Awards

Digital and on-site collaterall

The Airline Strategy Awards or STRATS is an annual ceremony for the aerospace industry held in London. For the past two years I have been responsible for creating the identity for this glittering event which started out with a new logo design. Once this had been developed in conjunction with the FlightGlobal marketing team and DVV Media, I created a background image, which combined with the logo was used in a variety of digital and physical onsite collateral including web/email banners, invites, programmes and stage backdrops.


The awards are coveted within the industry and it has been fantastic to be a part a successful event which brings the brightest and the best together to celebrate another year in the skies. 

Project requirements

Original logo design

Background Image creation

Final artwork

Social media/web/print campaign design

Onsite collateral design


FlightGlobal/DVVV media:

Phil Jones

Christina Gadsby

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