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Infographic report design

Printed 8-page roll fold

The brief for this project was to create an eye catching six page roll fold design for a report that was to highlight Spacemade’s unique vision and services based on survey data compiled by ING media.


Spacemade is a company that offer stylish and affordable workspaces that are situated in offices in key locations around London and I worked closely with their team and ING media’s Lauren Teague to create a truly collaborative platform to showcase their brand values.


The report itself would be built on research that measured the attitudes of office developer and owners, as well as agents, towards flexible space in traditional office buildings, and if it presents a “premium” both financial and non-financial. 


I used an office floor plan with tiny people, associated line art and stand out facts and lead the reader’s eye across to across all inside four pages. I was also able to incorporate the brands’ colour scheme, logo’s and imagery from their sites which,  accompanied by commentary from Spacemade, gave the viewer a complete picture of the brand’s identity and delivered the companies message in a unique way.

Project requirements

Original concept, design and layout, illustration creation.


ING Media/Spacemade


Lauren Teague

Frauke Eifel


Camilla Lor

Olivia Bennet

Jonny Rosenblat

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