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City Research Reports

8 page gatefold print report

For the last 2 years I have been fortunate enough to work with the team at ING Media on both the UK and European city reports. Based on extensive research, these 8 page roll fold printed documents, contain a mix of text, imagery, pull out figures and icons that help bring a complex set of data and analysis to life.


Launched at a series of events in the UK and France, this information is key for those in the built environment and the wider business community, enabling professionals to make informed investment decisions.


Working with the team at ING is collaborative experience and is great to work with people who are open to a healthy exchange of ideas and opinions. 


My approach to these projects is always to get an understanding of the most important, stand out elements of each piece of information so that I can create a series of visual sign posts to help the reader easily digest and understand the story that this data is telling. 


Creating infographics isn’t easy but if you are working with the right people, information and products and can be both enjoyable and rewarding.

Project requirements

Original concept, design and layout

Data visualisation

Image research

Final artwork

Social media campaign design


ING Media:

James Child

Jiyoung Jo

Lucie Murray

Launch event photography: Katie Lucas


“Having collaborated with Chris for a number of year’s during our time at EG, I was very pleased when he agreed to help us. Chris respected our brief; we wanted to deliver something new and visually show-stopping to the market, while building on the legacy of the previous reports. Fine tuning a mountain of data insights into a concise narrative is difficult – Chris always rises to the challenge’ delivering inventive methods of portraying what can be quite obtuse subjects. I always feel at ease when working with Chris as he always goes the extra mile to understand what we are trying to achieve so he can visually deliver the right message for the right occasion. This year we knew we had to commit less to page despite their being more information than any other year. The “less is more” approach enabled us to bring a robust product to our round table event at MIPIM without distilling the research beyond recognition. The whole team at ING is so pleased by the new design and look at feel of the report.”

James Child, City Strategist - Data, Research & Content, ING Media

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