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EG retail report

Print brochure

I worked closely with the head of retail and industrial research to create a stylish design packed with information, dynamic data and eye-catching imagery which helped deliver essential content to the retail property industry.


The 16 page brochure was produced specifically for Mipim, which pre-pandemic, played host to thousands of property professionals, industry experts and media.


Printed on good quality stock, my design for this A4 book took the brand colours and fonts and created a unique look for EG’s data presentations.


This approach spawned two further retail reports before transferring to a digital platform, which I was also instrumental in implementing.

Project requirements

Original concept, design and layout

Data visualisation

Image research and manipulation




“I worked with Chris on a series of high-profile projects through a number of years. Chris has a real talent and passion for brining data to life. As a data analyst it was a pleasure to watch him turn my lengthy reports into aesthetically pleasing visually informative investigations. Chris’ keen eye for detail and approachability meant that we collaborated on detailed industry specific reports on a number of occasions, working through project inception to creation and delivery. I would recommend Chris to anyone who is looking to turn their work into an engaging, creative and informative publication”

James Child, head of retail & industrial research, EG

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