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Occupier sentiment report

Interactive digital report

Created in Infogram, my design for the occupier sentiment report combines eye-catching imagery, text and data, all brought to life using simple animation and user interactivity.


This was the first time that EG had produced content in this way and was hugely successful, generating hundreds of downloads within hours of launch.

Project requirements

Original concept, design and layout

Data visualisation


Image research




"Chris is one of the best Art Directors I’ve worked with. He creates inspiring new products and redesigns expertly to breathe new life into existing ones. His layouts always help tell the story and his image selection is first class. He is comfortable in print and online, and working with editorial and marketing commissions. More than that he listens to a brief, understands his audience and pushes himself and his team to deliver the best possible outcome."

Damian Wild, director of market development, EG

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