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Why I became a visual designer (part one)

How a love of music growing up, inspired me to start a creative career

I’m fairly certain my career in graphic design was born out of a passion for things in my formative years. I was always drawing, colouring, creating characters and although there were only three TV channels for the first 12 years, I was hooked on everything from the multi-coloured swap shop, Tony Hart’s fantastic art shows to the shirt ripping incredible hulk, the Big Match and of course Top of the Pops.

Music has been a constant in my life and hours spent pouring over album covers exposed me to a whole gallery’s worth of illustrations, font styles, logos and photography. Blondie’s Parallel Lines, In the city by The Jam, the first four albums by the Police not to mention Adam and the Ants, ELO and the Sex Pistols. All were consumed by hungry young eyes.

It has always been a powerful spark for my imagination whether it was watching the latest hits on BBC every Thursday night, listening on brick sized Walkmans, taking 50 CD’s on a two week holiday, worshipping my first iPod or listening to Amazon music while I work.

Friends have come and gone but music has alway been there and I am certain that it always will be.

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