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Project Megatron

Creative digital advertising campaign

EG is the market leader in UK real estate data and information and the marketing team wanted to create a series of social media ads that would help raise the profile of three of its major products.


The project leaders were interested in doing something fresh and wanted me to look at different ways of to engage the audience and create something that was going to make the industry sit up and take notice.

Welcome to Project Megatron...

I pared a series of off-the-wall images, designed specifically to engage the audience, with a bold colour palette and typography. Combined these help amplify the message of each project and really stand out from the competition. 

Project requirements

Original concepts, design and layout

Image research and manipulation


Final artwork and multi-platform variations




"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris across 'Project Megatron', a campaign designed to create disruption and garner attention across social media. Not only was Chris fun to work with, but he generated lots of ideas and provided solutions that would enable us to have better impact. Chris is extremely flexible, takes on feedback and is able to present high value and creatively designed work."

Emma Jackson, head of portfolio and sector marketing, EG

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